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PRINCE2® 2009 Refresh

For those of you wanting further information on the newly released PRINCE2® 2009 changes, here is a link to some useful Podcasts from the APM Group. These include: PRINCE2:2009 Examinations with Emma Jones, Chief Examiner of PRINCE2 PRINCE2:2009 Publications with Andy Murray, Lead Author of PRINCE2 PRINCE2:2009 A History with Mike Acaster, UK Office of […]

Theft of documents raises cloud security concerns

We have been keeping a watching brief on Cloud Computing. Most of our current clients are not candidates for what currently passes as cloud computing, for good reason. They need to know where their data is stored. Some have a requirement for it to be stored in New Zealand or their own country, and they […]

What is a Virtual CIO?

It is interesting when you search the web just how many companies just don’t get what a Chief Information Officer (CIO) is or rather, should be. My point is that the strategic role of CIO, is often wrongly depicted as a technician, or IT manager, or the network guy, even by those offering CIO services. There […]

Twittering Twit Tweets Today

It has taken awhile but Maxsys, and in particular I, have just succumbed to Twitter. (Is that too many commas?) In fact I have just implemented a plug-in for the Maxsys website that sends blog items to Twitter so that any followers (yes that is what they are called!) can get them that way. That should include […]

ITCP Certification gets a thumbs up

ITCP, or Information Technology Certified Professional, is the new internationally-aligned certification programme for ICT professionals, independently governed and operated by NZCS, the professional body of ICT professionals. The New Zealand Computer Society Inc (NZCS) has welcomed the widespread support and adoption of ITCP Certification. This is something that we as members of the society have grappled […]


November 27, 2018
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Seoul Accord 2018

July 7, 2018
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Excellence in IT Awards

July 7, 2018
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