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By admin • October 1st, 2009

itcpThe New Zealand Computer Society launched  its IT Certified Professional Certification Programme today, after many months of hard work.  

ITCP is the new “gold standard” professional Certification for ICT Professionals in New Zealand, and is closely related to similar Certifications around the world.

According to NZCS (

“ITCP is New Zealand’s contribution to a global programme of professionalism and certification being coordinated by the IP3 Taskforce (, set up by the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP –, an international umbrella organisation originally established by UNESCO.

This means that once the accreditation process is complete, ITCP will be recognised around the world. New Zealand organisations with ITCP Certified Professionals on staff will gain a significant differential from competitors, giving potential clients the confidence to deal with an organisation with independently accredited professional”

Murray Wills, Managing Director of Maxsys Limited and a Foundation ITCP recipient says that “this is a very important step for the profession in New Zealand”. Next year is the 50th Anniversary of the NZ Computer Society and this is possibly the most significant step in recognition of IT professionals in those 50 years”.

The ITCP website comments that:

 “through ITCP, ICT professionals who operate ethically, have a broad knowledge and skill base including non-technical areas of ICT (such as privacy, ethics, communication and leadership), and have a strong mix of education and experience will gain a well-earned competitive advantage. And so they should. Those that believe in ethics and professionalism should be recognised, and those that don’t have no place in a profession entrusted with the information and communications technology that underly the success of our country’s economy, government, business and community.” (see

“The IT profession needs to step up and be counted“, says Wills. “In these times, more than ever organisations need to be able to differientiate between professionally certified ICT practitioners and those with no training, experience, ethical or professional obligations. Now that we have the ITCP, I can see a time after a phase in period where companies and Government agencies should be asking why their IT staff, contractors, and consultants do not have ITCP”

Uptake of the certification process has been impressive, with seemingly hundreds of applications. Congratulations to NZCS President Don Robertson, CEO Paul Matthews and the NZCS Team for a well run consultation and implementation process.

 About Maxsys Limited:

Maxsys Limited (  Maxsys is an independent IT and business consulting services company operating internationally and in New Zealand.  Maxsys Managing Director Murray Wills is a regular commentator on business and IT. He can be contacted by sending an email to

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