What does successful IT governance look like?

Come and find out from Murray Wills, who will be talking on this topic on Nov 8 at the 2012 ITEX Computerworld Conference. You can register for this event here: http://www.conferenz.co.nz/conferences/itex-new-zealand Murray will also be leading a half day Masterclass on Nov 9 from 1.30pm – 5.00pm on the topic of Designing and implementing successful […]

ITEX Computerworld Awards

Murray Wills, Maxsys’ MD has been selected to be a judge in this year’s ITEX Computerworld Project of the Year Award. More details can be found here: http://www.conferenz.co.nz/conferences/itex-new-zealand Finalists will be announced shortly. This year the categories consist of ICT Project, ICT Manager sponsored by Candle, and Software Developer of the Year. The winners be […]

Does the Auckland Transition Authority (ATA) “Get” IT?

  Well, it doesn’t look like it!! If the following article is correct, then it looks like some really old school thinking has crept into one of our newest and most strategic organisations. http://computerworld.co.nz/news.nsf/news/CFBB5E92DDF95D40CC25766A006D37F1 I agree with Rob O’Neill here. What on earth are they thinking? It is inappropriate, given the strategic nature of Information […]

Appalling News – Cost Focus Changes CIO Reporting Lines

The following article indicates just how out of touch some boards and CEOs are.  http://computerworld.co.nz/news.nsf/mgmt/A4A67DD8661EC548CC25766500132991?opendocument&utm_source=topnews&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=topnews It would be very interesting in those companies where CIOs are no longer reporting to the CEO if IDC were to research the IT competency of the CEO and Board. I would also be asking them what they consider to be […]

IT Governance Skills on Boards Revisited

I have been delighted in the response to the article published in the NZ Institute of Directors Journal on IT Governance Skills on Boards (this article is also available here). This has obviously struck a chord with a number of board members and others who work within organisations. Thank you to those who have expressed […]

Australia reviews ICT in Government

  How should government spend on ICT? I’ve been following the work that has been going on in Australia on ICT in government for a few months now. The Australian Government asked Sir Peter Gershon, UK Treasury’s former Chief Executive to conduct an independent review of the Australian Government’s management of information and communication technology […]

Hot Trends for 2009

Jeff Vance from CIO Update makes his predictions for 2009, and reviews how he did in 2008. http://www.cioupdate.com/trends/article.php/3795736/5-Hot-Trends-for-2009.htm I am already seeing substantial hightened interest in Virtualisation, and it’s only January!  Virtualisation offers some substantial benefits operationally, cost wise and disaster recovery wise, and a number of vendors now have “rungs on the board”.  If you have […]

Tips for Strategic IT Planning

      I came across this very good article online recently, which lists the Top Five Tips for CIO Strategic Planning, according to SearchCIO.com.   Visit http://searchcio.techtarget.com/news/article/0,289142,sid182_gci1335550,00.html?track=NL+981&ad=678196&Offer=CIunsct123spns&asrc=EM&USC=&5183025=&uid=7869767%2523 to find out more.  The accompanying articles make very interesting reading for CIO’s, IT Managers and CEO’s, and once again they highlight the need for Governance of […]

CIOs in Big Demand

During these times of recession, CIO’s are in great demand. Recent research shows many board members are increasingly turning to the CIO for insight and leadership in business change. You can read more by checking out this link from Execitive Brief: http://www.executivebrief.com/news/cios-will-take-lead-in-driving-business-change-survey-says/ Tweet

IT Governance 101

“IT Governance has finally come of age” according to Murray Wills, Director of Maxsys. Murray has had an interest in IT Governance and has undertaken research in this area over many years. He is one of New Zealand’s foremost experts in the field. “There is no longer any excuse for Boards and senior executives to […]


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Seoul Accord 2018

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Excellence in IT Awards

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